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The analogy of the car

I like to use the analogy of a car when talking about running a business.  Cars are very near and dear to most of us and can become an extension of who we are.  The same applies for your business, even if it is an organisation you work for, this becomes who you are.  We spend most of our time working so therefore it stands to reason that what we do defines to a great degree who we are.

When driving a car, the driver is the manager or owner of the business.  He should know the destination, the condition of the car, how much fuel is in the tank and the fuel required to get to the destination.  He is also responsible for the passengers and the cargo.  The driver steers the car through any obstacles and finds the best route to where he is going.  The driver should have control over the car.

In this analogy the accelerator is the Sales & Marketing department.  Sales generates customers and drives revenue.  Without this you would not move forward.

The brake is compared to your budgets and the Finance department.  There is no use surging forward and then coming to a complete stop because you ran out of fuel.  The brake controls the speed and makes sure that you do not go so fast that you end up losing control of the car.

The driver relies a lot on the dashboard to see how the car is performing.  The dashboard represents the monthly and daily reports that you receive about your business.  This is fundamental in making sure you are going forward at the right speed, have sufficient fuel and are not over-heating.  Once the dashboard on my car went on the blink. I thought the service station had topped up my water (they hadn’t) – result – my car overheated.  I was not aware of the temperature spike until there I was, stuck on the side of the road, with a blown gasket and steam shooting out my ears.

Yes! – your business dashboard can save your business, prevent accidents from happening, make sure you are generating ample revenue and that your costs are being controlled.

We use a uniquely designed dashboard to monitor our business performance. And, though the rear view mirror is useful, the windscreen is where we focus most of our attention.

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