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What is life but an agreement and what do you agree to?
Chaneg and viewpoint

Age and time are both considerations. We consider that we age and we do, we consider time and it is. Basically, everything in life is an agreement.

There are several people in a room and they all see a table and as there is agreement on the table, the table exists. If one person said ‘No, that is not a table, it is a dog.’ then that person is seen to be crazy. Who is to say that there is not a dog there and that everyone else is wrong.

This is group agreement.

People believed the world was flat and, for all intents and purposes, it was.

What you truly believe is real, especially if everyone believes the same.

Gods change, there is not one god, there are many, depending on your faith and belief. This is true and what is true for you is your truth. What is true for another is their truth. None of this is absolute, there are degrees to everything. Even in colour, can you say there is an absolute black and an absolute white or are these merely varying shades of black or white.

So, in life, we live by viewpoints based on our background, upbringing and culture. These viewpoints change the way we view the world and the way we operate in the world. This could be said to be your ‘mindset’. This to can shift and change as you get older.

Some viewpoints help you grow and expand, some restrict you and hold you back. As do some agreements we have as regards ourselves, other people, our physical environment, our capability. Some of these are progressive and some are limiting.

The beauty of man is that he can change his mind.

Is there something limiting you or holding you back? Either something you have agreed on in the past or a viewpoint or opinion that you hold? You can change this.

It is not always easy, as an opinion, viewpoint or mindset becomes a habit. But with a constant, positive attitude and just pushing through the comfort zones of life, it is possible for everyone to change and become a better version of themselves. If they chose to, are persistent and persevere.  

If you are always growing, learning and seeking new things then you never grow old and is time no longer the enemy but something to be cherished and used to the full.

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