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What does the future hold for South Africa

We are already almost half way through the year and time flies as swiftly as a cloud. There are many challenges that face us in South Africa.  The continuing poor exchange rate, political instability, crime, water shortages, drought, unemployment, what else.

We all have to adjust to these changes and make contingency plans, allowing for increased prices, protecting our homes and businesses and fighting against corruption and poor leadership.

The question is can we recover, can we make a fundamental change for the better. Are we stuck with the status quo or can things really improve.  Will things just get worse?  This is a fear the most South Africans share.

We performed a survey of people in Durban from all walks of life and asked them what they think is happening in South Africa.

Though there is a common theme of frustration at the current situation, there is a sense of hope for our future.

There is a strong drive and impulse towards change.  People are not accepting that things have to remain the same and are realising that they have a voice.  This gives hope and shows that we, as South Africans, have freedom.

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