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Understanding the role of internal audit

 Internal audit

Understanding the role of internal audit

There are many types of audits and reviews of your business that can be performed. Auditing means ‘to listen’ and in an audit you listen to the business to find out what the needs are. Part of the audit includes looking for gaps in controls and then recommending solutions to close these gaps. For every problem there is a solution. The following types of audits can be performed:

Internal audits
Risk based audits
Sustainability audits
Year-end audits
Systems reviews (flowcharting of systems and systems documentation)
System and operational audits
Internal control documentation and recommendations
Stock counts and asset verification
Payroll and human resources audits
Supplier and debtor (customer) analysis
Sales audits
Full operational review
Value for money audits
Contact me if you wish for further information or require an audit or review of your business.

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