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To Audit or Not to Audit: That is the Question Part Two
Internal audit

In the grand Shakespearean drama of life, there exists a dilemma that haunts the corridors of corporations and the cubicles of accountants alike. A dilemma so profound, so intricate, that it could easily be mistaken for the plot of a tragicomedy. Yes, dear reader, we speak of the age-old question: to audit or not to audit. This is part two of the saga.

Act 4: The Resolution

Just as Dave starts to enjoy this twisted treasure hunt, the final hour approaches. He compiles his findings, prepares his report, and with a deep breath, submits it to his boss, Mr. Grimley.
Mr. Grimley, a man whose expression rarely deviates from “mildly constipated,” reads through the report. He looks up, his face cracking into what could be interpreted as a smile—or perhaps a grimace. It’s hard to tell with Grimley.

Mr. Grimley: “Well done, Dave. You’ve done a thorough job. Just one question: why so many rubber ducks?”

Dave: “Team building, sir. Apparently, quackery boosts morale.”

Act 5: The Epilogue

Dave survives his first audit, emerging with a newfound appreciation for the absurdities of office life. He learns that auditing isn’t just about numbers; it’s about the stories those numbers tell—the human quirks, the oddities, and the occasional rubber duck.

As he heads back to his desk, Sarah pats him on the back.

Sarah: “See, Dave? To audit is to embrace the madness, to find joy in the minutiae, and to discover that even in the driest of data, there’s a splash of humour.”

Dave nods, finally at peace with his role in the grand corporate play. He picks up his next stack of financial statements, ready to face whatever bizarre adventures lie within.

To audit or not to audit? For Dave, there’s no longer a question—only the next chapter in the comedy of accounting.

And so, the curtain falls on our tale, leaving us to ponder our own daily dilemmas with a smile and perhaps, a rubber duck on our desk.

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