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To Audit or Not to Audit: That is the Question Part One
Internal audit

In the grand Shakespearean drama of life, there exists a dilemma that haunts the corridors of corporations and the cubicles of accountants alike. A dilemma so profound, so intricate, that it could easily be mistaken for the plot of a tragicomedy. Yes, dear reader, we speak of the age-old question: to audit or not to audit.

Act 1: The Prelude

Our story begins in the breakroom of an average office, where Dave, the hapless junior accountant, sits pondering his existential crisis.

Dave has just been handed a thick stack of financial statements and a memo that ominously reads, “URGENT: AUDIT REQUIRED.” His heart sinks, and he wonders if the coffee machine is a better escape route than facing the inevitable.

Dave: “To audit, or not to audit, that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous spreadsheets, or to take arms against a sea of miscalculations, and by opposing end them?”

Act 2: The Temptation

Enter Sarah, the seasoned auditor with a penchant for finding errors where no errors dare to hide.

She spots Dave’s forlorn expression and decides to impart some wisdom.
Sarah: “Why the long face, Dave? Auditing isn’t so bad. It’s like a treasure hunt, except the treasure is other people’s mistakes!”

Dave: “But Sarah, what if I find nothing? Or worse, what if I find something? What then?”

Sarah: “Ah, the classic rookie conundrum. Finding nothing means you’re thorough; finding something means you’re thorough and have job security. Either way, you win!”

Act 3: The Comedy of Errors

Dave decides to brave the audit, armed with his calculator and a gallon of coffee. As he dives into the numbers, he encounters a series of laughable missteps:

The travel expenses report where Bob from sales apparently took a “business trip” to the Bahamas during spring break.

The office supplies ledger showing an inexplicable surge in rubber duck purchases (later traced back to a particularly quirky team-building exercise).

The petty cash fund used to finance a spontaneous karaoke night, complete with receipts for dubious amounts of glitter.

Each discovery brings a mix of dread and delight. Dave begins to see the humor in it all. He starts imagining himself as Sherlock Holmes, uncovering the curious case of the missing stapler receipts.

To be continued….

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