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Once upon a time there was a guy who wanted to start his own business.

Optimistic as he was, he didn’t really understand the full extent of what he was getting himself into.

Naive in his way, he registered a company and started to do business.

Money flowed in and out.

By the end of the Year, he had accumulated quite a lot of work that he was not even aware of.

Tax Returns, Year End Audits etc.

Doing majority of his work by himself he realized that this was way out of his league.

Trying to “Youtube” and “Google” how to do it correctly with zero experience.

Do you think he ended up doing it 100% correctly?

The result of this is not a good one. Loss of capital for unforeseen reasons, money going in a direction it shouldn’t be, the one employee storing some of your money for a rainy day that you are not aware of.

Eventually this gentleman gets through the painful experience and makes sure to put a cushion in place for next year.

Finding an educated person to do the job for him.

Only he didn’t know where to start, how could he trust a complete stranger with his money? How does he know he is smart enough for the job?

How does he know he REALLY has the experience he claims on his CV?

That is when he cognited! To find someone who would have done all of this for him already.

He contacted us and is now happy as a clam.

Focusing on what he needs to focus on and not worrying about the admin of it all.

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