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Growing up everyone has dreams of being wealthy, being famous, living in a penthouse suit with their 3 favorite cars in the garage and being able to go out and do whatever you want without the considerations of “how much is that going to cost?”

Why do certain people gain access to such a lifestyle when the majority do not?

The consideration – “I do not have enough money for that” is the exact consideration that removes the chance for the average to invest in expansion in the company.

For that reason the company and the individual does not grow outwards but remains the same or implodes on itself.

The solution to this lack of expansion?


This does not mean going to a casino and betting your Net Income away and hoping you will expand like that.

That would be Non-Calculated Risk.

I am talking about Calculated Risk.

Just like Alexander the Great, you need to dominate sectors of your territory and move outwards.

When Alexander the Great inherited the throne his first move as king was not to attack other kingdoms around him to seize land, it was to reinforce and stabilize his own platform – FAMILY.

From there he worked outwards stabilizing his own Kingdom and once that was stabilized he moved outwards with his troops stabilizing other kingdoms around him with the end of his sword.

He is known as Alexander the Great for a reason.

He conquered his space by stabilizing one thing and then moving outwards.

His reward? He was named not just the Pharaoh of Egypt but GREAT KING of Persia.

It all started will stabilizing his family.

What can we learn from this?

STABILIZATION is the key to expansion.

Now, let’s circle back to your company or even your life.

What is the most unstable thing ?


Now I am not talking about the economy or inflation.

I am talking about the energy that you use to fuel your company and yourself.

It is being poorly utilized and THAT is the reason why auditing is needed.

Without it, you are merely a king that has been wrongly entitled to the throne and another Alexander the Great will be knocking on your door to overthrow you.

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