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Whatever you are doing you are taking an action
Successful action

What is the only way to move forward? You have to take that first step and then the next one. This is positive action. There is also such a thing called negative action. If you are retreating or going backwards then this is an action. If you are sitting still and waiting, this is an action. Whatever you do, you are taking an action. So which type of action do you want to operate from?

Is it better to be in retreat or in attack? There is a battle going on even if it is just going to the workplace and sitting behind your desk. Every day you get into your car and have to confront the rat race. You are in a battle to keep your place on the road, to find a parking space, to get your kids dropped off at school and to get to work on time. You are continuously battling and fighting time. “There is never enough time, I don’t have enough time, there is too much to do.” These are all battle cries and guess what – Time is winning. Who is in control – You or the clock?
You battle with the bills, the banks and the building repairs. Who is winning these battles? Are you in attack or retreat mode? What actions are you taking to stay ahead of the game or is each day one day closer to succumbing, giving up or just holding off for the day of your retirement. You work so hard to make money to enjoy life but don’t have time to enjoy life and then complain about all the money that you spend when you have to reward yourself with a holiday because of how bad it is. Then you spend the rest of the year paying off the debt you accumulated during the holiday.

Life is a tread-mill and most of us are fighting to stay above water. Can you honestly say that you have control in your life?
Whether you do nothing or you do something about it you are taking an action. You need to choose what action you wish to take. It is possible to take charge of life and not let life (time, work or money) take charge of you.

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