The joy of existence

Life can be tough. Life can also be fun and joyful. The question is how badly do you want the latter? The answer to that question is found by the level of comfort you are currently living. There are many gradients between wealth and poverty. 80% of society is living on the tail end of […]

The Millionaire

Growing up everyone has dreams of being wealthy, being famous, living in a penthouse suit with their 3 favorite cars in the garage and being able to go out and do whatever you want without the considerations of “how much is that going to cost?” Why do certain people gain access to such a lifestyle […]


Based on the economic situation that besets us, it is clear that we need to be more in control of our finances. Without control we are prone to be effect, we tend to be critical of the government, the children and even the employees. When the real reason you are effect of finances is because […]