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The Secret to Motivating Employees  – Part three

Motivating employees

Motivating employees is essential for the success of any organization. When employees are motivated, they are more likely to perform at their best, leading to increased productivity and profitability. However, understanding what truly motivates employees can be a challenge. It goes beyond monetary rewards and extends into the realm of purpose and meaning. Measuring the […]

🔑 The Key to Running a Successful Business: Income Planning 🔑

Income planning

The Key to Running a Successful Business: Income Planning   We’ve all been there – meticulously budgeting for marketing, sales, and promotion, hoping that our efforts will generate enough revenue to cover our costs and yield a healthy profit.  But what if I told you there’s a crucial step that many companies overlook, leading to […]

Hold your breath, I am about to blow your mind how simple running a business is

Bretahing in wealth

The functioning of any organisation is something like breathing. Breath in, breath out. The first breath in is the injection of cash and human resources. You need some money and the people (even  if only you) to set up and start the company and do the work. Then the out breath, you outflow, start promoting […]

Why it is important to focus on ‘GREEN’

Carbon emissions, environment

It is becoming more and more important for companies to start measuring their sustainability – in particular their environmental data as relates to a company’s carbon footprint.  Carbon tax is on the way and you need to have a robust reporting system to show completeness, accuracy and validity of the reporting behind carbon emissions (CO2e). Sustainability […]

5 KEY POINTS on Active vs Passive Income and how this affects YOU

Passive income

People have been chasing the fad of Passive Income for a while now. The concept of Passive income is that you can make money while doing nothing. You have something in place that is doing all the heavy lifting for you and you are just raking in the cash.         Though the […]


Success and Prosperity

You want your product or service to go GLOBAL. Once this is achieved then figure out how to get people on Mars. Once you have populated Mars, then you need to figure out how to get your product or service to the people on Mars and go GALACTIC. So, the Expansion game continues on an […]


How to get more money

What is Money Money is the one thing most people dream of. Money is the one thing most people study. Money is the one thing most people plan and sometimes kill for. Some people call Money the root of all evil. In truth Money is Energy. If you do not have enough money your business […]