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The analogy of the car

I like to use the analogy of a car when talking about running a business.  Cars are very near and dear to most of us and can become an extension of who we are.  The same applies for your business, even if it is an organisation you work for, this becomes who you are.  We […]

Fraud and theft are rife in the public sector

Fraud and theft are rife in the public sector in South Africa as we all know. What few do know is that this culture of fraud, previously the arena of politics, now permeates into the business world. South Africa has a culture of fraud. In a recent survey, 70% of companies reported some form of employee […]

Corruption within municipalities

Municipal Managers are appointed for their administrative skills and should not have a political agenda. The Municipal Manager (MM) has a fundamental role and is often the scapegoat for poor political decisions. They stand as the bastion against a corrupt and bankrupt public entity. Within any municipality there is a political office with the mayor […]