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Money is incorrectly used by most businesses today

The use of money

Money and Finance is not or should not be used to manage the organisation. Now most would disagree with this statement and I will explain why. When Finance is used to manage the organisation, this becomes something like the carrot vs the stick, where it is used to manipulate the people as a type of […]

5 KEY hard TRUTHS that most of us don’t confront about MONEY

Control over money

Based on the economic situation that besets us, it is clear that we need to be more in control of our finances. 1.       Without control we are prone to be effect, we tend to be critical of the government, other businesses, our employees and even our children.   2.       When the real reason you are […]


How to get more money

What is Money Money is the one thing most people dream of. Money is the one thing most people study. Money is the one thing most people plan and sometimes kill for. Some people call Money the root of all evil. In truth Money is Energy. If you do not have enough money your business […]