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🔑 The Key to Running a Successful Business: Income Planning 🔑

Income planning

The Key to Running a Successful Business: Income Planning   We’ve all been there – meticulously budgeting for marketing, sales, and promotion, hoping that our efforts will generate enough revenue to cover our costs and yield a healthy profit.  But what if I told you there’s a crucial step that many companies overlook, leading to […]

What is Interest?


We live in a society filled with things that are there to interest us. There is either a flow of desire or a flow of curiosity. Either way, the intention is to interest the individual. Once you have interest, you have got someone that a salesperson is able to work with. Without interest you have […]

Promotion and Marketing

The biggest step in any business is making yourself seen. The world is very loud with everyone screaming as loud as they can to be seen or heard. Businesses are constantly finding new ways to be seen. That is really the stable datum of a marketing manager. TO BE SEEN. Once that is done only […]

The analogy of the car

I like to use the analogy of a car when talking about running a business.  Cars are very near and dear to most of us and can become an extension of who we are.  The same applies for your business, even if it is an organisation you work for, this becomes who you are.  We […]