Creating space and resolving confusion and tiredness

There are times when it seems that nothing goes right.  Everything is topsy turvy and you don’t know which side is up. The world seems to be caving in at you from all sides. When this happens there is one simple thing to do. You find one thing in the confusion and chaos, one piece […]

Fraud and theft are rife in the public sector

Fraud and theft are rife in the public sector in South Africa as we all know. What few do know is that this culture of fraud, previously the arena of politics, now permeates into the business world. South Africa has a culture of fraud. In a recent survey, 70% of companies reported some form of employee […]

In USA for first time

I am in the US for the first time and it is an amazing place.  So full of contradictions – old, new, modern and rundown. Like most places in the world.  Staying in Clearwater, Florida and the gulf of Mexico stretches for miles with people fishing and running along the cause-way. There are trailer parks […]