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Why using a forensic accountant can save you time and money.

Forensic accountants for fraud and financial misconduct

Have you ever wondered how some companies uncover financial fraud and uncover hidden assets? The answer lies in the expertise of a forensic accountant. We use their investigative skills and financial acumen to unravel complex financial transactions, identify irregularities, and provide crucial evidence in legal cases. In this article, we will explore the success stories […]

Money is incorrectly used by most businesses today

The use of money

Money and Finance is not or should not be used to manage the organisation. Now most would disagree with this statement and I will explain why. When Finance is used to manage the organisation, this becomes something like the carrot vs the stick, where it is used to manipulate the people as a type of […]

The Forensic Accountant – Part One Introduction

The Forensic Accountant

I have decided to write a comprehensive article on what a forensic accountant is and what we do. This is part one. The full content of the four part article series will include the following: 1. Introduction to Forensic Accounting 2. Roles & Responsibilities of a Forensic Accountant 3. Forensic Accounting Jobs & Career Opportunities […]


How to get more money

What is Money Money is the one thing most people dream of. Money is the one thing most people study. Money is the one thing most people plan and sometimes kill for. Some people call Money the root of all evil. In truth Money is Energy. If you do not have enough money your business […]

6 WINNING points about Disbursements that could save your company


How you handle Disbursements is a major aspect in any business. 1. You need to know what is coming in but you also need to know what is going out. Going out, DISBURSEMENTS, breaks down into what is needed and what is wanted. 2. Disbursements need to be controlled more than anything else. This determines […]

Can you trust your employees

Can you trust your employees?  Do you have controls and monitoring systems in place to detect fraud or any transgressions or non-optimal performance within your company? Are you monitoring revenue and costs? If the answer is “No” to any of these questions then you are haemorrhaging cash.  This is a fact.  Without monitoring systems there […]

The link between understanding business processes and staff competence

There is a distinct connection between understanding business processes, controls and competence.  If your employees and management do not understand your business and the reason for certain processes and controls then they cannot take ownership of the processes and will not be responsible for what goes wrong.  Understanding comes with knowing the purpose of things […]

The analogy of the car

I like to use the analogy of a car when talking about running a business.  Cars are very near and dear to most of us and can become an extension of who we are.  The same applies for your business, even if it is an organisation you work for, this becomes who you are.  We […]

Control and risk, two sides of the coin

For there to be a control, there has to be a risk. If there is a control without a risk then you have to question the reason for the control.  Some controls are in place because they have always been there and may no longer have a purpose. The purpose of controls is to reduce […]