Creating space and resolving confusion and tiredness

There are times when it seems that nothing goes right.  Everything is topsy turvy and you don’t know which side is up. The world seems to be caving in at you from all sides. When this happens there is one simple thing to do. You find one thing in the confusion and chaos, one piece […]

What good control means

Are you in control of your life, your business, your health, your family? Control is simply the ability to start, change and stop motion or cycles of action. This could be the simple cycle of going for a jog, preparing and eating a meal or a whole production line.  This applies when starting, changing and stopping […]

Sustainability: Safety and Environmental data reporting

It is becoming more and more important for companies to start measuring their sustainability – in particular their environmental data as relates to a company’s carbon footprint. Carbon tax is on the way and you need to have a robust reporting system to show completeness, accuracy and validity of the reporting behind carbon emissions (CO2e). […]