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Money is incorrectly used by most businesses today

The use of money

Money and Finance is not or should not be used to manage the organisation. Now most would disagree with this statement and I will explain why. When Finance is used to manage the organisation, this becomes something like the carrot vs the stick, where it is used to manipulate the people as a type of […]

Hold your breath, I am about to blow your mind how simple running a business is

Bretahing in wealth

The functioning of any organisation is something like breathing. Breath in, breath out. The first breath in is the injection of cash and human resources. You need some money and the people (even  if only you) to set up and start the company and do the work. Then the out breath, you outflow, start promoting […]

Is scarcity a global agreement?


Are we all in agreement that there is scarcity. The scarcity concept or mentality is pervasive across all aspects of modern society. Scarcity of water, scarcity of electricity, scarcity of good people. Women cannot find a good man. Men cannot find a good woman. There is scarcity of time and for most there is scarcity […]

5 KEY POINTS on Active vs Passive Income and how this affects YOU

Passive income

People have been chasing the fad of Passive Income for a while now. The concept of Passive income is that you can make money while doing nothing. You have something in place that is doing all the heavy lifting for you and you are just raking in the cash.         Though the […]