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Control and risk, two sides of the coin

For there to be a control, there has to be a risk. If there is a control without a risk then you have to question the reason for the control.  Some controls are in place because they have always been there and may no longer have a purpose. The purpose of controls is to reduce […]

Season changes and contrasts

How is April treating you? As we in the South head towards winter and autumn starts finally showing itself, our Northern brothers are happily awaiting summer with spring in the air. This is my favourite time of the year in Durban – the time of crystal days. Perfect sunshine and blue skies with wisps of […]

What good control means

Are you in control of your life, your business, your health, your family? Control is simply the ability to start, change and stop motion or cycles of action. This could be the simple cycle of going for a jog, preparing and eating a meal or a whole production line.  This applies when starting, changing and stopping […]