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Why it is important to focus on ‘GREEN’
Carbon emissions, environment

It is becoming more and more important for companies to start measuring their sustainability – in particular their environmental data as relates to a company’s carbon footprint.  Carbon tax is on the way and you need to have a robust reporting system to show completeness, accuracy and validity of the reporting behind carbon emissions (CO2e).

Sustainability is made of the three P’3: People, Planet and Profits.  Of these three Profit has always been important to companies and is being well measured and reported. Some emphasis is given to People – including safety data, training, initiatives, Economic Empowerment.  However, assurance on the data being reported is not always obtained. Finally, there is hardly any attention given to the Planet or environmental data.  This is where we can assist you.  It is important for all entities to start reporting their environmental impact; focusing on ways that they can improve their environmental policies to reduce their carbon foot-print and become a ‘Green’ company.  This starts with culture and ends with culture and has to begin at the top.

When it comes to environmental data being reported, the data includes direct and indirect energy consumption.  We focus mainly on providing assurance with the reporting of the following data:

  • Fuel
  • Electricity and water
  • Waste

We ensure that the data you are reporting is accurate and complete and that targets have been set to reduce consumption

When it comes to Safety, we also look at the following:

  • Your injuries on duty (IOD’s).
  • Your compliance to the regulations.
  • Submission of compensation forms have been properly completed and lodged.
  • We verify that man-hours are being properly reported; and
  • That the Lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) has been correctly calculated.

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