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A story of SUCCESS
How you can get success

There is a story that goes like this:

A kid left High school not knowing what he wanted to do, only knowing that he wants to have £ 1 million in his account by the end of the year.

He looked into many professions his friends were doing and found some interesting information. None of his friend’s work appealed to his own interests and none would get him £1 million.

Having no work, he realised he needed to make a start, so sent a message to one friend asking if he needed any help.

His friend said, “Yes! I have been needing help urgently!”

He did the work and was paid a small fee but was out of work again.

Looking at this small cycle of action (asking for work, getting and completing work) and the money received, he decided to increase his requests for help.

He sent a post on Facebook asking anyone and everyone “Who needs help?”

The responses he got were overwhelming.

Looking at the leads, he got in touch with every one, identified the appropriate and signed numerous deals.

Realising he had signed too many deals to cope with on his own, he employed some more ‘help’ from other friends and got on with providing services in quality and quantity.

As a result, he achieved the £1 million in 6 months. This may sound like a fairy-tale but it is possible. You can achieve anything with enough desire, volume and pure persistence.


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