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Season changes and contrasts

How is April treating you?
As we in the South head towards winter and autumn starts finally showing itself, our Northern brothers are happily awaiting summer with spring in the air.
This is my favourite time of the year in Durban – the time of crystal days. Perfect sunshine and blue skies with wisps of cloud. A gentle breeze, warm in the sun and cool in the shade. The sea sparkles, its temperature falling just below 20 Celsius – refreshing on a warm winter’s day.
It is unbelievable to think that the Durban winter is similar, temperature wise, to the English summer. I do enjoy those long summer days in England, where you have sixteen hours of daylight and you have to shut the curtains tight if you go to bed before ten.
The beauty of weather patterns and seasons is that they change. Summer is wonderful and balmy in Durban but come February we suffer under the oppressive humid blanket and long for cooler nights and less wetness.
In England February brings with it the dregs of winter, the weather may be in the teens but it is still overcast and even wetter with the rain and slightly warmer temperatures. Then you have the last snap of cold as winter tries to retain its firm grip.
It is the opposites and contrast that makes each part of the tapestry of life interesting and gives us dichotomy, allowing for likes and dislikes. Without the opposites there would be nothing to compare to and all would be the same. How would you know what you don’t like?
After a long winter we look forward to summer and after a long summer we look forward to winter. It is important to enjoy the moment and enjoy what is and then, when it gets too much, it is alright to complain and breathe a sigh when the change occurs. Right now after the cold snap in Kwazulu Natal the leaves will start changing colour and falling to the ground. Summer lets go and we ease into winter.
Enjoy whatever season you are in as there will always be another to follow.

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