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The Millionaire

Growing up everyone has dreams of being wealthy, being famous, living in a penthouse suit with their 3 favorite cars in the garage and being able to go out and

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The Purpose of an Audit

The reason people get Audits is because they are looking to get a grasp on their finances. By doing this companies can increase their credibility leading to more chance for

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Safety and Money

There is a saying that goes around : “It will never happen to me”. There is also another saying that goes : “If you prepare for it, it usually doesn’t

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There is a story that goes like this : A kid left Highschool not knowing what he wants to do, only knowing that he wants to reach 1 million in

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Eskom and the Economy

Load shedding has taken a toll on everyone recently. How exactly has this effected businesses? Terribly! Power outages for hours at a time sometimes even a full day leaves businesses

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The New Guy

Once upon a time there was a guy who wanted to start his own business. Optimistic as he was, he didn’t really understand the full extent of what he was

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