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What is an organization?

An organization is where there is an organized group of people with a particular purpose, such as a business or government department.

If there is zero organization present then there is chaos. In every business there is varying degrees of organization.

Some companies and businesses are really well organized and some not so well organized. The reason organization is necessary is to streamline an activity so that it is as efficient as possible.

If there is less organization, people feel less willing to have production occur in that area, resulting in little to no products result. This breeds frustration and low morale.

The more organization that is evident equates to people being more willing to produce in that area. The people are generally happier and more stable. The volume of production in ratio to the amount of effort exerted is also higher. There would be a lot of production with less effort needed.

Do you run into frustrations, being constantly busy and getting no products, as well as being surrounded by negative people? Then take a close inspection of the area and find out where the “organization” is lacking and get it in immediately!

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