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Promotion and Marketing

The biggest step in any business is making yourself seen.

The world is very loud with everyone screaming as loud as they can to be seen or heard. Businesses are constantly finding new ways to be seen. That is really the stable datum of a marketing manager. TO BE SEEN.

Once that is done only then can a trade take place. We break this down to the early days of trade. Where life was a little more quieter and your local hunter was the monopoly for food and clothing.

He made marketed himself to the tribe as the one to do this by being stronger than everyone in the tribe, looking stronger than the other males and giving demonstrations that he can get results for free.

This is marketing. Nowadays marketing managers or anyone involved in marketing in general just wants to be seen as the “Strongest Hunter in the Tribe”.

So, what do they do? They get a Logo. Something people can remember. They make a tune. Something people like. They post this tune everywhere they can with their Logo.

They sponsor charities and make their logo known as a source of support. They post their logo on Billboards, Advertisements on TV. They have Radio advertisements. They make T-Shirts and give these to people for free. These shirts will have a logo.

This ties into what is called BRANDING.

Branding comes from burning your initials into something to make it known that you were the creator of that device or tool or produce. People get comfortable with that BRAND and know see it as a source of security.

You are now in business.

The way you see who has done this successfully is ask yourself what business you think of when you ask yourself about a product or service:

Cold Beverage ? Coke

Book Publishing ? Penguin Books

Good Author ? JK. Tolkien

Animation? Disney

Superhero’s? Marvel

Cellphones ? Iphone


The list goes on. The reason we associate things in this way is we adopt stable datums that relate to specific topics and this is what marketing is all about. Generating a Stable Datum. Stable Datums get associated via a BRAND.

Thus, we have this equation:


If marketing is done really well. You don’t actually need a Sales Rep. You just need a really good marketing team that will drive your customers to a point of insanity due to the fact that they NEED your product and will do anything to have it. Then all you need is someone who is fast enough to collect all the money!

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