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Passive Income vs. Active Income

People have been chasing the fad of Passive Income for a while now.

The concept of Passive income is that you can make money while you do nothing and you have something in place that is doing all the heavy lifting for you and you are just raking in the cash.

Though the idea is a pleasant one, there are some downsides that need to be looked at.

Control being one of them. When it comes to Passive Income you are not directly in control of the money coming in. This leaves you in a position of being the effect of something else or someone else.

Now looking at Active Income, the picture is painted of a worked sitting behind his desk working for someone else from 9 to 5 for the rest of his life hoping to get bonuses so he can pay back his massive loans he has had to take because he is not getting paid enough to survive.

Though this is true for the majority, as an Entrepreneur being an Active Entrepreneur is absolutely vital to the lifeblood of your business and wealth.

Going in with the idea that this is going to be passive income is not the way you start these things.

Passive Income comes from working out ALL the kinks in your business and reaching a state of POWER.

This is where your business is operating itself and in large volumes to a point where the machine called your business is able to clean itself of any further kinks in your business that may arise keeping it a well oiled machine. This is no easy task to establish.

The viewpoint of Lighthouse Consultants on this?

Work your ass off now because it will pay off later.

Passive income is a reward from devoting hours of time to establishment.

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