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The right balance between interesting and interested
Being interested and interesting

Is it better to be interesting or interested?

Celebrities can get attention from being interesting and they make a lot of money from this. However, the truly great are both interesting and also interested. Have you ever been to a party and chatted to someone who was interested in you? How did this make you feel?

A model, who from first appearances is very interesting, may become extremely dull after talking to them for half a minute. This is if they are only interested in themselves. Once you have the right balance of being interesting and being interested then the world is yours. The trick is to get attention and this can be got by being interesting. The way to keep the attention is to be interested. Then you are giving attention and most people, believe it or not, are starved for attention. If you give someone attention, then you acknowledge them and grant them beingness. The greatest healers have been so good at granting beingness that they have made the sick well and the broken whole.

On the balance of things being interested has more depth and longevity than being interesting and definitely makes life more interesting. This develops passion and drive in everything that you do.

In our profession, we are more interested you as a client, what you need and how we can best help you.

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