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What is Interest?

We live in a society filled with things that are there to interest us. There is either a flow of desire or a flow of curiosity. Either way, the intention is to interest the individual.

Once you have interest, you have got someone that a salesperson is able to work with.

Without interest you have nothing. You have no customer, no job, no business.

Interest is the spark that starts it all.

There is a definite skill in developing interest. With the new technology of advertising online with social media, google and other platforms, all of us have a line out in a few seconds.

It is a very much a “dog eat dog” world when it comes to advertising, marketing and branding. Everyone is fighting for their slice of interest to fuel some energy out of that interest, resulting in a sale or new employee etc.

Taking a look at what makes a service stick out includes professionalism, attention to detail, accuracy, reliability and the level of care expressed. This builds up stellar reviews and goodwill. So, how can you start get reviews? You can’t get reviews if you have no customers, right?

You need POSITIONING. You, have to make the VALUE of what you offer stand out. What makes you different to others? Why should I buy your bread when there are twenty other brands available?

You make your brand stand out from the rest by offering something extra like “Enter a competition when you buy this bread”. So now you see that you are not just buying some bread. You are buying “a chance to win a trip to Italy”.  The cost of the Italy trip goes into marketing expenses. This gives you a reason to purchase one brand over another.

When you look at Lighthouse Consultants, we have positioned ourselves as the Forensic Accounting experts in quantification of any legal or insurance claim. We have decades of experience and can steer anyone away from the rocky shores of financial and reputational loss. This is what positioning and interest is all about. We have developed interest in our service by going above and beyond what is expected of us and have uniquely positioned ourselves due to our personalised service and “win-win” approach. In a “dog eat dog” world, we believe that everyone can win and in this we stand out.

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