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The one thing people dream of.

The one thing people study.

The one thing people plan and sometimes kill for.

Some people call it the route of all evil.

Money is indirectly the energy for Business.

If you do not have any money your business cannot get anywhere.

Income comes from having a product. A product that people are interested in.

Now ask yourself what are people interested in ?

A tough question to answer right?

Cellphones? Computers? Money? Selling? Saving Money? Bahama’s? Sexy Women? Sexy Cars? Sexy Guys?

Let me ask you something – Do you think people were interested in Cellphones 500 years ago?

No? Why? Because they didn’t exist right?

Okay.. so the product was created first and then it was shown to the people that the product exists and this is what it can do.

That is not what generated interest on cellphones though because only a few people started to get them when they came out and it became stagnant.

A product that was going to die. So what happened?

The companies became smart and started asking around.

Why would you need a phone? What would you do with it? etc…

Finding out what the customer wants and placing interest with them first.

This brought about an understanding.

Now we have phones that have all the bells and whistles based on what the customers have said that they want. Now we have phones that have amazing camera’s, touch screens, are smaller, lighter, have applications that help with basically everything and ofcourse your standard calculator.

People nowadays have no idea how to survive without one.

The interest is through the roof and so is the income.

With interest follows income.

Interest is never there before the product.

The interest only follows the creation or formation of the product or service and is only generated through marketing.

Interest follows in time and is not generated instantly.

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