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Impetus means :

” something that makes a process or activity happen or happen more quickly. “

This is a subject that has been thoroughly studied.

Many athletes find the their impetus is such things as music. 

Some people find their impetus is such things as motivational clips.

Others find impetus in such things as religion, love, philosophy.

If you do not have an impetus you better find one, otherwise you have nothing to assist you with your speed of particle flow.

The highest point of impetus to operate off of is : DUTY.

Example : It is the Duty of the Doctor to find and treat the maladies of his clients. Getting pleasure out of making the ill more able and well would be his impetus.

The lowest point of impetus to operate off of is : MONEY.

Example : With the same Doctor, we could change his impetus to money and it wouldn’t matter whether his client got well or not. But it would matter if the client does not pay for the invoice and if the invoice is not paid the doctor would not be inclined to treat this same client again.

On top of this that same customer would probably spread that this Doctor was a rip off, as he would most likely charge more than most doctors without the actual needed result or care.

You can see in both examples how the Impetus for an individual is so important.

It can change a person from caring to not caring.

From someone who can get a result and someone who doesn’t.

From someone that studies to someone that doesn’t.

IMPETUS is a very strong point. Make sure you get this point in for yourself and for the people around you!

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