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From a business point of view, the point is Expansion.

You want your product or service to go International once you have conquered that then you would want to figure out how to get people on Mars. Once you have people on Mars then you need to figure out how to get your product or service on Mars and so the Expansion game continues.

Not many people who open businesses have that in mind, most of them just want to supply the demand in their local area. Unfortunately that is a death wish for companies. If you are not actively working on Expansion you are not going to make it.

Expansion consists of Reaching out further to new areas untouched as yet and bringing them into contact with your service or product and getting them actively using it. You then use that individual who is actively using your product to go out and disseminate your service or product for you. Leading to “Passive” dissemination.

You get your name or brand spread around for free and this in turn generates further interest in your name or brand which brings in more revenue and the snow ball effect gets bigger and bigger.

People need to stop thinking small and start thinking big.

People need to stop thinking they have no money and start thinking like a King running an Empire.

You are only going to make it by attacking life in that fashion.

Start by taking your first step with KBAudit and let us show you the power that you deserve!

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