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6 key steps to becoming the SUCCESS you are meant for.

I am sure if you ask most people, they would say they want to be successful. We are all successful at different things, some more than most. Think of your life and any one thing where you have been successful. Then there are areas where you want to be more successful and this applies especially in business and in your career. Most of us want to be successful and then most end up leading lives of ‘quiet desperation’. How do you become more successful, let’s see.

  1. You need to look at those around you who are successful. Don’t listen to people who are not succeeding in life. They are giving advice but do not apply or lead by example. Look at successful companies and people: Musk, Branson, Apple, Google, Coca Cola. Really look for yourself and draft up what makes them different from everyone else. What are their successful actions.

  1. Only apply what works. Not what other people are experimenting with.

  1. You need to understand the fundamentals of employment, teaching, application, marketing, registration, promotion and many other facets of business to actually succeed. The top people and companies have already done all the hard work. They have done the Surveys, they have asked their customers for reviews, have fixed their bugs and perfected their product and/or service.
  1. In order to align yourself with their hard work, all you have to do is be persistent enough to look through all the arbitrary information on the internet and find the actual working formula. If you want it bad enough you will find it. You have to do some work and research.

  1. Expansion and strength does not only come from finding the perfect formula, it also comes from finding the perfect people. We are surrounded by a lot of people. There are some real gems out there. You need to find the right people who will be an asset to you, not a liability. There are also people who will steal your business, steal your product, or be so lazy that nothing ever gets done.  You need to sieve through to find those gems. Once you find them, treat them as gems.
  1. A gem is categorised by their level of responsibility, communication, understanding, intelligence, emotional stability and ability to apply. The key element is Responsibility.

If you find someone who is truly responsible, you will have a true gem.  You can assign an area over to that person without having to check up on them. They will be reporting in with what has been done and what products have been achieved.

If you get no products or reports, understand the person is either completely swamped with the work and probably needs some assistance or is not doing the work at all.

I hope you find what you need your gems and if you need any business advice or do not know where to start then get in touch with us. We have resources and tools that can help you.

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