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The 7 FACTS that determine YOUR SUCCESS
What determines success

Life can be tough.

Life can also be fun and joyful.

The question is how badly do you want the latter?

  1. The answer to that question is found by the level of comfort you are currently living in. There are many gradients between poverty and wealth. Where are you on the scale. If you are relatively comfortable and getting by then this may not be for you.
  2. Most of society (at least 80%) are living at the tail end of poverty, though some are trying to better their lot in life. Years pass by and nothing materialises except more poverty and getting older. Maybe you win the lottery and break out of this trap.

How do you take the chance out of this and how to do break out of this trap?

  1. The first step starts with you. You have to make the decision to leap into the unknown. You also have to have the attitude of altitude, start thinking BIG.
  2. You have to identify where you are (what is your current scene) and then where you want to go (your ideal scene). Then start planning, what training do you need, what resources, what job or business do you want to start. Even if you start by just writing this down on a piece of paper. MAKE A START!
  3. The MOST immediate and important thing to start doing is to PROMOTE, get you name out there, SELL yourself, outflow in every direction. We have so many options with all the social media platforms, the trick is just to START and then KEEP doing it.
  4. Then make sure you are properly equipped, trained, skilled, resourced, to be able to DELIVER on any promises you have made.
  5. It takes effort, dedication, perseverance and a little ‘just DO IT despite everything that is trying to stop you’ attitude but you CAN do it.

Life either takes you for a ride or you are in the driving seat and make LIFE happen for you. The choice is yours, make a start today by writing down your dreams, make a bold statement then –


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