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There is a story that goes like this :

A kid left Highschool not knowing what he wants to do, only knowing that he wants to reach 1 million in his account by the end of the New Year.

He looked into many professions his friends was doing and found some interesting data. None that was appealing to his own interests and none that would link him to his 1 million bank account.

So he sent a message to his friend asking him if he needs any help with what he is doing while he figures out what he wants to do.

His friend said, “yes! I have been needing help urgently!”

He got paid a small fee for his assistance.

But was out of work again.

Looking at the small cycle of action that took place and the money he got out of it, he decided to increase his request for help.

He sent a post on Facebook asking anyone and everyone “Who needs help?”

The responses he got were overwhelming.

Looking at the leads, he got in touch with each one and found the fee applicable for each activity and with negotiations signed different deals.

Seeing he had signed too many deals to cope with he employed some more HELP to get him done with his contracts and paid each an agreeable fee.

The result? 1 million in 6 months.

Moral of the story ?

Do what you can do – do it in quantity and you will prosper.

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