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Fraud detection for companies using SAP
Fraud detection

If you are using SAP then this article is a must read.

What would you do if you could see into the future and know that something bad was going to happen? You could then take action to prevent whatever it is from happening. Some call this fortune telling. We call it fortune saving.

What would you say if I told you that there is software available that looks at the present circumstances and uses this information to tell you what could happen? You can then take pro-active action to stop the event or transaction from occurring.

If you are using SAP then we have the tool for you. This is truly the crystal ball for your business and can save you millions.

We have a SAP data analytics tool that will save money from the minute it is installed. The software picks up errors and unusual transactions prior to payment. This prevents fraud and financial loss. Unlike most SAP development there is no installation cost – you can actually do the installation yourself. There is no customisation necessary as the data is pulled directly from SAP tables and these are standard through-out SAP. The cost of the package is negligible and you see results immediately. This takes you from fortune telling to fortune saving.

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