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7 KEY financial services to HELP your business.

The following is a list of the services provided by Lighthouse Consultants:


1. Audits and review of your business.
This includes financial and operational audits as well as developing internal financial control frameworks that help you assess and review your own controls.


2. Sustainability data audits and review
Verification of the completeness, accuracy and validity of sustainability data reported. We review your carbon emission (CO2e) calculations looking at direct and indirect energy consumption.

3. Forensics accounting reviews and special investigations
We perform forensics accounting reviews and have access to the full range of resources to find and track any fraud occurring in your business. We also provide financial data and evidence for litigation, disputes, all legal and insurance claims, bribery and corruption and money laundering as well as performing corporate investigations.

4. Combined assurance reviews
We will develop a combined assurance model for your business.

5. Due diligence
We perform due diligence on new businesses or new investment opportunities.

6. Risk assessments
We develop risk registers based on risks identified, with strategies and recommendations to reduce the risk.

7. Financial and data analysis
We perform ratio and data analysis to assess financial viability and highlight fraud or risk areas (red flags).



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