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Forensic Accountants provide financial proof for any legal or business matter.

A significant part of what we do as forensic accountants is finding proof for the cases we work on. Our clients need this proof for their claims or when taking legal action against any party. This isn’t always in the context of criminal actions like fraud, theft, or money laundering, but also for civil actions involving contractual disputes, divorce cases, and more.

For instance, we once determined revenue loss due to a contractual dispute where a supplier stopped providing essential materials, preventing our client from fulfilling their customer orders. We calculated the revenue loss over a period, and the supplier was held liable to compensate for this loss.

We use various techniques to arrive at accurate figures and then verify all information against source documents, such as bank statements, financial records, invoices, and payroll records. This is where the proof comes in.

Our work needs to be thoroughly referenced, evidenced, and fully substantiated so it can be used in court. Often, cases do not go to court, but we always prepare our files to be airtight for court use. With typically two parties involved, we examine all angles to ensure the opposing party cannot challenge our argument. We also play ‘devil’s advocate,’ questioning everything to ensure our statements are clear and logical. We simplify complex legal and financial jargon so anyone can understand it.

Additionally, we have worked on Business Interruption Insurance claims, investments and acquisitions, mergers, purchase of assets, and even verifying sustainability data (environmental and safety data used in annual reporting).

Ultimately, we provide proof that our clients can use when pursuing any legal or business matter or when reporting information for public use.

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