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Finance systems are in a mess, what do you do?

It’s striking how intricate finance systems within a business can become. As adjustments and add-ons are introduced, complexity only grows. Initially, a system may function smoothly, but without proper training, staff often utilize it in unconventional ways. This leads to a slew of issues: multiple stock items, duplicate entries, missed invoices, misallocated funds, and more.

Come year-end, chaos ensues. Reconciliation efforts are frantic, with adjustments piling up in an attempt to untangle the mess.

Does this scenario resonate with you?

If so, you’re not alone. It’s a common ordeal, afflicting one in every three businesses.

Allowing this disorder to persist only amplifies the task of rectifying it.

From the outset, clear system descriptions, thorough training, and established policies and procedures are crucial. Every team member must be familiar with and adhere to these standards, with full accountability for non-compliance.

If the problem has already surfaced, swift and thorough action is imperative. A comprehensive cleanup or, in some cases, implementing an entirely new system may be necessary. Following this, firm procedures should be established and staff extensively trained. It’s essential that employees understand their roles and the system inside out. Continuous monitoring and review are necessary to ensure correct practices are maintained.

We offer assistance with implementation, flowcharting, policy and procedure documentation, as well as audits and system reviews. Our aim is to support your business or organization in achieving financial stability and success.

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