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Eskom and the Economy

Load shedding has taken a toll on everyone recently.

How exactly has this effected businesses?

Terribly! Power outages for hours at a time sometimes even a full day leaves businesses in a position to either close shop early or invest in a generator as an immediate solution.

The South African economy is being attacked from more than one angle.

What will come from this?

The future, when humans are pushed into a corner they often come to a state of urgency and will do what is required to survive.

This comes down to Solar Panels and moving to alternate sources reliable energy sources.

If or when this transition takes place we can look forward to an exciting future.

How does this affect you?

In moments of scarcity it is good to have a reserve account to keep you around for the tougher days.

Taking us back to controlling your finances, I am not just saying personal finances, I am saying your companies finances.

Keeping the source of energy that provides you personally with income is the thing that needs to be protected.

Getting yourself an Accountant, Auditor etc are the candidates we have in our database for you.

Give us a call or drop an email and let us assist you with what is needed, not just wanted.

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