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Control = Income
Money follows attention and attention follows money

Good Control in Business

It sounds to simple to be something worth writing but it is a basic Truth when it comes to Income.

If you are not controlling the situation you are not generating Income from it.

So look over your space and see if you are making money in that area of your life. If you are not, to that degree you are not in control of it.

Especially in big corporate companies, you need to place a lot of control on your vast range of employees. So you need to employ specific Managers to manage portions of a massive business. Their purpose is purely to control the other terminals below them so that income continues.

What does tend to happen when a company expands is the control becomes weaker and looser. The reason for this is the sheer number of employees increase dramatically to get more work done and further expand outwards. But when this happens you try to manage the company the same way without employing another managing terminal to deal with the new influx of individuals. This is where the quality of work starts slipping and yo have to start paying for more salaries but end up making less money.

Very much like how Alexander the Great failed back in the day, he overtook a large portion of the surrounding cities and land around him. But all he knew was his Army. He was expanding and taking “Control” of more land without expanding the size of his Army and posting them at these new locations to control and generate Income from them.

What do you do?

The trick to expansion is employing High Intelligent individuals that understand the facets of control and allow for control to take place.

You can control an entire planet with directly communicating with 6-7 people that are fully aligned with your control and intelligence.

This is no exaggeration.

Examples please…

Let me explain how this works,

You have :

Africa, North America, South America, Australia, Europe and Asia.

Making 6 locations, you can place one terminal directly responsible for each area, they are to manage and report back what they have done daily or weekly or monthly.

These 6-7 individuals would then create further by implementing the lines and policies by forming governing bodies which managed sections of those areas which are to report just as often.

These governing bodies would brake down sections and units in their zones to be responsible for sections of the economy.

If this was followed with strict policy and adherence to orders. One could place a lot of structure on the planet and form the first International Body that could be responsible for further advancements of the Planet from an International Level.

This would structure would bring in control and in return would make the Planet aligned and generating massive amounts of resources to enhance our civilization outwards.

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