Staying ahead of the criminal

Robbing people used to be as simple as walking into a wooden cabin and pulling out a pistol and taking what you want. Nowadays, it’s a lot more complicated to rob other people as we have our walls and hundreds of pin codes, we can hardly remember. Unfortunately, though, the robber game has not ended. […]


We live in a society filled with things that are there to interest us. The flow that is around us is either a flow of Desire or a flow of Curiosity. Either way, the intention behind it is to interest the individual. Once interest takes place you have got someone that a salesperson is able […]

Strengthening Your Business

You need to look at those who are successful to build a strong a business. Don’t listen to people who are not succeeding in life. They are giving advise to those who need advise and are not making it themselves, hoping that by giving advise they will make it. Your home work for today is […]