7 KEY financial services to HELP your business.

The following is a list of the services provided by Lighthouse Consultants:   1. Audits and review of your business.This includes financial and operational audits as well as developing internal financial control frameworks that help you assess and review your own controls.   2. Sustainability data audits and reviewVerification of the completeness, accuracy and validity of […]

5 KEY hard TRUTHS that most of us don’t confront about MONEY

Control over money

Based on the economic situation that besets us, it is clear that we need to be more in control of our finances. 1.       Without control we are prone to be effect, we tend to be critical of the government, other businesses, our employees and even our children.   2.       When the real reason you are […]

How do you STOP the clever criminal in today’s world?

Back in the day, robbing people was as simple as walking into a wooden cabin and pulling out a pistol and taking anything you want. Nowadays, it’s a lot more complicated to rob other people as we have our walls, fences and hundreds of pin codes we can hardly remember. Unfortunately, the robber game has […]

What do you look for when starting a new business?

Once upon a time there was a guy who wanted to start his own business. Optimistic as he was, he didn’t really understand the full extent of what he was getting himself into. Naive in his way, he registered a company and started to do business. Money flowed in and out. By the end of […]

The Energy Crisis in South Africa – Eskom and the Economy

The Energy Crisis

Scarcity and Load shedding has taken a toll on everyone in South Africa in recent years. Traffic lights not running, no light, darkness prevails and business fails. All South Africans have had to adjust to the loss of electricity and load shedding (where there are schedule outages throughout the country, sometimes several hours a day). […]

A story of SUCCESS

How you can get success

There is a story that goes like this: A kid left High school not knowing what he wanted to do, only knowing that he wants to have £ 1 million in his account by the end of the year. He looked into many professions his friends were doing and found some interesting information. None of […]

With Inflation and Recessions how can you feel safe about money?

There is a saying that goes “It will never happen to me”. There is another saying that goes “If you prepare for it, it usually doesn’t happen”. Lighthouse Consultants is built on this second saying. We deal with clients from all over the world who have said “I thought it would never happen to me” […]

6 key steps to becoming the SUCCESS you are meant for.

I am sure if you ask most people, they would say they want to be successful. We are all successful at different things, some more than most. Think of your life and any one thing where you have been successful. Then there are areas where you want to be more successful and this applies especially […]

The 7 FACTS that determine YOUR SUCCESS

What determines success

Life can be tough. Life can also be fun and joyful. The question is how badly do you want the latter? The answer to that question is found by the level of comfort you are currently living in. There are many gradients between poverty and wealth. Where are you on the scale. If you are […]