Control = Income

Good Control in Business It sounds to simple to be something worth writing but it is a basic Truth when it comes to Income. If you are not controlling the situation you are not generating Income from it. So look over your space and see if you are making money in that area of your […]


We live in a society filled with things that are there to interest us. The flow that is around us is either a flow of Desire or a flow of Curiosity. Either way, the intention behind it is to interest the individual. Once interest takes place you have got someone that a salesperson is able […]


Organization : ” an organized group of people with a particular purpose, such as a business or government department.” If zero organization was present chaos would reign. In every business there is varying degrees of organization. Some companies and businesses are really well organized and some not so much. The reason Organization is needed is […]


Impetus means : ” something that makes a process or activity happen or happen more quickly. “ This is a subject that has been thoroughly studied. Many athletes find the their impetus is such things as music.  Some people find their impetus is such things as motivational clips. Others find impetus in such things as […]

Looking After Source

Within every company there is a Source point. This can be the founder of the company or even an idea. Once you understand this, you will understand exactly what companies are fighting for or trying to expand and forward outwards. Without knowing what the Source of the Company is, you can do nothing for it. […]


This is major point in any business. You need to know what is coming in but you also need to know what is going out. Going out, DISBURSEMENTS, breaks down into what is needed and what is wanted. Disbursements need to be controlled more than anything else. This determines whether a company will expand and […]


Money…. The one thing people dream of. The one thing people study. The one thing people plan and sometimes kill for. Some people call it the route of all evil. Money is indirectly the energy for Business. If you do not have any money your business cannot get anywhere. Income comes from having a product. […]

Promotion and Marketing

The biggest step in any business is making yourself seen. The world is very loud with everyone screaming as loud as they can to be seen or heard. Businesses are constantly finding new ways to be seen. That is really the stable datum of a marketing manager. TO BE SEEN. Once that is done only […]

How to Expand

From a business point of view, the point is Expansion. You want your product or service to go International once you have conquered that then you would want to figure out how to get people on Mars. Once you have people on Mars then you need to figure out how to get your product or […]

Passive Income vs. Active Income

People have been chasing the fad of Passive Income for a while now. The concept of Passive income is that you can make money while you do nothing and you have something in place that is doing all the heavy lifting for you and you are just raking in the cash. Though the idea is […]